According to Wikipedia:

In mathematics educationnumber sense can refer to “an intuitive understanding of numbers, their magnitude, relationships, and how they are affected by operations.”[1]

This morning Avery asked me to come help her wipe.

Me: Are you all done?

Avery: Yes. I made lots and lots of poo-poo.

Me: You did?

Avery: Yeah. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

I hope this doesn’t reflect on her future math ability.

My children’s sense of humor…

Avery: Knock, knock.

Julie: Who’s there?

Avery: Trees.

Julie: Trees, who?

Avery: NOBODY!

Makes perfect sense to them.

Our friend Vanessa Plakias had another Halloween party this year. She took these pictures of the festivities.






Afterward, we all went trick-or-treating in her neighborhood, which is insane. This one got totally decked out, but may other homes in that development do something similar.


And afterward, while Dylan was brushing his teeth, we all got this little trick (or was it a treat?)


So, at our house, two fairies came to visit. The Halloween Fairy left toys to replace the candies that the kids collected, but the Tooth Fairy left a special bag of gold coins for Dylan.

Happy Halloween!

Forget Avila. Forget that really awful Jack Creek pumpkin mart. This place is going to be our new holiday tradition. The kids were so wound up to go pumpkin picking. In her excitement to wear her purple princess costume, Avery insisted that she had to wear her tiara to the pumpkin patch.

IMG_8146 edit

They worked hard at picking pumpkins.




They loved checking out all the scary displays.





They were completely psyched to try the corn maze. Lately, the kids have been really into the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Mazes and labyrinths have been a favorite activity.





It was actually a little sketchy in there. We were lost, really lost, for a while. It started to rain on us.


Just as we found the exit, we saw a flash and  heard a thunderclap right over our heads. Cary was actually a little upset that we were in an open field with a lightning storm brewing right over us.



I thought the spooky weather just made the whole experience all the better. It was the perfect activity leading to Halloween.

IMG_8127 edit

I can’t imagine a more fitting costume for my girl this Halloween.

IMG_8126 edit

She loves purple. She loves being a princess. She loves her sparkly crown.

IMG_8133 edit

She’s so ready for Halloween.

I think Halloween must be Dylan’s favorite holiday. And because her brother is so excited about it, Avery has also decided that Halloween must be good. Dylan has been wanting to get ready for Halloween since July. Today we finally pulled out the decorations.

IMG_8096 edit

IMG_8098 edit

IMG_8099 edit

IMG_8103 edit

Dylan made this craft foam haunted house with just a little construction help from me. He is so proud of it. It was one of our main holiday decorations this year.

IMG_8108 edit

Dylan put up the tissue paper ghost and the creepy curtain. It certainly gives the right ambiance. Dylan is certainly freaked out by it.

Road not taken - the beautiful way

If you take the beautiful way, that’s okay.

If you don’t take the beautiful way, that’s okay too.

I love you more than the beautiful way.

by Dylan Fitchmun


My beautiful Buddha boy was consoling me today about my constant forgetfulness. I missed the off-ramp to his favorite way home, something that in the past was such a disappointment that he would actually cry. Today, he just had a beatific smile and these simple, kind words. After he said that, he looked surprised and said, “I think I just made a poem.”

Wow, I love this kid.



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